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International Airline Flight Attendant

Location: California, United States

Position : Flight Attendant

Job Type : Airline

Job Start Date : Dec 15, 2012

Job Description
Join the team that has made Hong Kong's own airline an international leader in the aviation business. We need talented and committed service minded people who can apply their own special skills to help keep us flying high. A Flight Attendant is a very special person: an ambassador, a safety expert and a caregiver. If you've always dreamed of a high-flying career, here is your chance. Join the team. Share the dream.
Perhaps you are one of the multi-talented people we need to provide our passengers with our excellent level of safety, comfort and service. We're looking for individuals with a warm, caring and pleasant personality who can demonstrate empathy in service with people from a variety of cultures and countries. If you are service orientated with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, this could be the job for you. You'll make long-lasting friendships on your way to becoming an important member of our team.
Total Flight Time : N/A

 Pilot In Command : N/A

 Turbine PIC : N/A

 Multi Engine : N/A

 Actual Instrument : N/A

Minimum Requirements :
Our intensive training program covers the technical and service aspects of flying. The practical sessions in an aircraft mock-up will teach you how to think and react quickly and turn problems into opportunities. In addition, the training will enhance your interpersonal skills and help you to grow as a person.
To become a Flight Attendant:You must be educated to high school level or higherYou must have US citizenship or resident status or the right to live and work in the United StatesYou must be 19 years of age or above with a minimum overhead arm reach of 81.9 inchesYou must be fluent in written and spoken English and be fluent in one of the following languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Tagalog, or JapanesePrevious experience in the service industry is preferable

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