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Flight Attendant


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Position : Flight Attendant

Job Type : Airline

Job Start Date : Nov 20, 2012

Minimum Pay : $15.91 (Hourly)

Job Description
Offers comprehensive health plans, package, travel benefits, bonuses & much more.
COMPENSATIONStarting pay for Flight Attendants is: $15.91 ( per flight hour) After 6 months: $17.05 (per flight hour)
After one year: $18.77 (per flight hour)
Flight Hours will be discussed at the open session
A high level of customer service and professionalism is required!Only FULL time Flight Attendant positions available. Please note; we do not have part time for Flight Attendant positions.
Total Flight Time : N/A

 Pilot In Command : N/A

 Turbine PIC : N/A

 Multi Engine : N/A

 Actual Instrument : N/A

Minimum Requirements :
Minimum RequirementsIf you meet the minimum requirements and are a professional, friendly, outgoing individual, with a high level of customer service skills, we welcome you to fill out an online application below.· Must possess a positive and professional attitude with a high level of customer service
· Must pass FAA 10 year (plus) background & fingerprinting check
· Must pass initial and ongoing drug screening.
· Must have a High School Diploma or GED
· Must be able to obtain a Passport, prior to attending a training class.
· Must be able to obtain Government Issued I.D's.
· Must be able to speak, read, & write English fluently
· Must be a U.S. Citizen or have authorization to work in U.S. as defined in Immigration Act of 1986.
· Must be at least 21 years of age
· Minimum 20/20 vision, corrected or uncorrected
· Height Max 5'. 10" ( for safety reasons) Minimum 4'11" ( for safety reasons) Will be measured without shoes.· Be physically fit, well groomed & practice good hygiene & etiquette
· Able to lift 45 pounds to shoulder height, perform all safety related functions (with demonstration) and job requirements, including perform emergency evacuations over aircraft wing, through exit doors without stairs, all safety demonstrations.
· Available to be away from base for up to 6 days and attend unpaid training in Phoenix AZ
· Must be willing & able to relocate to any assigned base, and be willing to work nights, weekends & holidays
· Applicants selected for training must be willing to attend a tuition free training course in Phoenix, AZ for up to 3-6 weeks
· Must adhere to Uniform Standards and Guidelines (no visible body piercing or tattoos)
· Able to relocate to any assigned base, at your own expense (Mesa does not provide moving expenses to any base assignment)
· Must be able to make multiple entries and exits to all countries serviced , including Canada who has strict Inadmissible Class/Status which includes no convictions of DUI or DWI. (Unless you receive an approval from Canada)
· Email address is required for communications
· Extensive Customer Service background with emphasis on strong communication skills
· Must complete an online application Lodging and travel is provided to training only. (Travel is standby only.)

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