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Airline Flight Attendant

Location: Oahu, Hawaii, United States

Position : Flight Attendant

Job Type : Airline

Job Start Date : Jan 5, 2013

Job Description
Job openings are listed under Employment Opportunities
Job postings include the location, minimum qualifications, and close dates. We do not respond to, retain or consider resumes that do not reflect the qualifications and requirements stated in our job postings. We encourage you to keep your resume at 2 pages in length, and demonstrate how you meet our requirements. We will respond to all qualified candidates who apply according to these instructions. Unsolicited resumes are not accepted, retained or responded to. We currently ONLY accept resumes for positions posted under Employment Opportunities at the bottom of this page (scroll down). Resumes for posted positions are accepted until 3:00 pm Pacific Time on the date listed with each job posting. Resumes received after that time (or for positions for which we have no openings) will not be considered, retained, or responded to.
Total Flight Time : N/A

 Pilot In Command : N/A

 Turbine PIC : N/A

 Multi Engine : N/A

 Actual Instrument : N/A

Minimum Requirements :
Must be 18 years of age with High School diploma or equivalent, with an FAA issued Flight Attendant Certificate. Positions are open until filled.

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